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Lower your environmental footprint
without affecting print quality and performance

Helping you choose the right equipment


We want to help you find the right equipment so you can continue printing high-quality documents in the same quantities that you are used to, but in a sustainable way.

My Printing Room will help our customers to do everything possible to limit their business environmental footprint; with help from Ricoh and Toshiba who are both committed to their own individual environmental strategies which include:

  • recycling (toners and equipment)
  • low energy consumption
  • manufacturing using environmentally responsible bioplastics
  • using techniques to reduce carbon emissions.

Choosing an environmentally-friendly device will not impact the speed, performance or print quality, but as less energy is needed to run them, your own energy costs will be lower too.

Your local My Printing Room Consultant will be able to provide you with information regarding the equipments’ Total Electricity Consumption (TEC) values - which are the lowest in the market; Energy Star rating; the recycling of used toners, or collection and safe disposal of your old equipment.


Recycling toner and inks


Unfortunately only 15% of the 65 million printer inks and toners used each year are recycled. The others end up in landfill. At My Printing Room the recycling of toner cartridges is taken very seriously so toner can be either returned directly to us; we can arrange collection of your used toner; or supply you with an ECO box so used toner can be saved up and collected when ready.

Collection and environmentally-safe disposal of your old equipment


If required we can arrange collection and safe disposal of your old printer or photocopier to tie-in with delivery of your new device. Please speak with your Print Room Consultant for more information.




Desktop Devices
  • Full print, copy, scan and fax functions but small enough to sit on a desk
  • Colour and Black & White options
  • Great when you have limited space
  • Low cost per print which includes full and all inclusive service
  • Includes delivery, installation and connectivity to your network or PCs.
Multifunctional Devices
  • Still called Photocopiers these machines print, scan and copy with extra finishing options
  • Compact, floor standing devices
  • Robust, reliable and capable of handling high print volumes
  • High quality and affordable printing along with full support, all-inclusive contracts and service direct from the manufacturer
  • Includes delivery, installation, training and connectivity to your network or PCs.
About us

We’ll be your helping hands in supporting you to choose the right machine from an extensive [and latest technology] product range that has every feature available. From needing a single printer to multiple machines our friendly team is ready to support you. Meet our team.

What our Customers have to say:
  • Having taken the decision in sourcing a new photocopier to go with My Printing Room we have been very pleased with the machine and the print quality. We were well informed and everything was explained clearly. Our account manager Steve Streeter kept us well informed through the whole delivery and installation process and continues to keep in contact.
  • We have had our Ricoh MP C4503 since January 2015 and we have been delighted with the machine's performance, the print quality and that it is easy to use. We are also extremely happy with the levels of service we have received from installation and training, to booking an engineer and everyday requirements such as ordering replacement toners with a single point of contact which makes it easier for me.
  • When we met with Steve, everything was explained thoroughly and we were given a good range of options. Delivery of the machine was prompt, with plenty of support available for the technical preparations in the lead-up. The transition was made clean, tidy and easy. We have since had no issues and regular contact has been maintained by Steve. We could not recommend highly enough.
  • We switched to My Printing Room this year replacing 2 ink jet desk top devices to Toshiba multifunctional A3/A4 printers and have been very pleased with the quality of the products, levels of customer support and account management.